3 Unsung Horror Movies That Are Worth Watching

The golden era of the horror genre is long gone, no longer will you find something as exciting or heart pumping as A Nightmare on Elm’s Street or the Exorcist. Modern horror movies have been trying to either reinvent the wheel or appeal to the tastes of the general public, and this is exactly why you will hardly find any modern horror movie worthy of being tagged as a classic.

Fortunately, this does not mean that horror fans are left hanging, there are plenty of overlooked horror movies out there that go off the beaten path. We will be taking a look at some noteworthy cult films and indie productions that did not appeal to the mass public, but were definitely worth watching.

#1 The Last Man on Earth

Released in 1964, The Last Man on Earth was hailed as a “forgettable” movie, however many people simply failed to realize the genius behind it. It managed to create an atmosphere that actually made the audience experience the boredom, horror, and dread that the main character felt throughout the movie after discovering that every other human on the planet had become a vile monstrosity.

One could say that The Last Man on Earth’s take on “zombification” built the foundations for the modern portrayal of zombies in the horror genre.

#2 The Exorcist III

This movie was released in 1990 as a sequel to the original The Exorcist, it looks like a pretty boring movie that was centred on what happened to the priest after the first movie ended.

The movie takes a minor character from the first film and places them in the leading role, following his story as he goes about investigating a string of recent murderers that bear the marks of the Gemini Killer, a serial killer that died several years ago. The plot of this movie provides superb insight on the mythos of The Exorcist’s world, which makes it a superb flick to watch.

The overall quality of the movie was great as well, but it did not receive the recognition that it deserved.

#3 Ginger Snaps

The setting of this 2000 horror movie takes a very interesting approach to a rather common horror movie plot. Ginger Snaps explores the changes that a woman goes through during puberty while also being a bloody werewolf movie.

The story revolves around two sisters, one of them manages to get bitten by a werewolf when she gets her first period and the scent of blood attracts a werewolf towards her. After being bitten, she and her sister get to explore how her body and mind begin to change as she transforms.

The movie’s unique take on werewolves makes it an oddly sensitive horror movie, one that offers a balance of horror elements and other things that make it worth watching.

These are only a handful of horror movies that are worth watching, the horror genre has loads to offer that is hiding beneath the surface. You just need to get off the beaten path and start searching.