Benefits of Career Counselling

Is your job hunt giving you anxiety? Are you getting conniptions over every job you apply to and not get a call back for weeks? Maybe you’re already coming to that point where your confidence from your graduation is wearing thin and you’re starting to doubt yourself. It’s really sad that so many very capable graduates end up depressed to a point that they stop looking for the dream job they worked so hard for.

The reason why college graduates have trouble looking for work is that they don’t have anyone to offer them proper guidance regarding careers. Sure, your college has a careers office on campus but you probably didn’t go there. Relax, getting career counselling after graduation is actually the best time. After a few rejections, you’re more susceptible to learning and if you see a career counsellor now, you’ll know where you went wrong too. Here are a few ways in which careers by design can help you get your dream job.

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Career counsellors aren’t just your CV coaches. They can actually help you figure out what you’re good at and what work you’ll be suited to. Imagine getting that job you thought you wanted and then hating it every waking hour. Take personality, aptitude and IQ tests by careers by design and learn about what you’re best at. Once you know this, you can showcase yourself to employers.

Explore Your Options

Don’t stick to a job you don’t yet have. You might have made your mind up to work hard for a certain job before you even started college. Time changes both you and the job market so now is the best time to see what other jobs you could be doing with your skillset – it’s always good to keep an open mind.