Preparing Yourself For Shedding Season

If you are a first-time pet owner, you are probably struggling to adjust to the many changes in your life now. It does not matter if you have a cat or a dog because both pets will require you to adopt some lifestyle changes so that you can adjust to their needs as well. Now, one thing you should be getting ready for is shedding season. Now, your pet will shed twice a year, namely during spring and fall because their coats will either grow thicker to prepare for the cold, and it will then shed so that it can adjust to the warmer seasons again.

Now, unless you happen to be okay with massive amounts of pet hair lying around and even floating in your living space, you should invest in a pet hair vacuum soon. A pet hair vacuum is a kind of vacuum that is specifically designed to deal with pet hair, dander and other such fine particles on different kinds of surfaces. You can buy a pet hair vacuum by visiting different websites like and go through their list of available pet hair vacuums till you can find the one that you feel will best meet your preferences.

A pet hair vacuum will be able to do the job a lot quicker and thoroughly than any other tool or equipment can. So, it does not matter if you have pet hair all over your floor, carpets, sofas or anywhere, because a pet hair vacuum will be able to adjust itself onto any surface, and then the vacuum will be able to remove any and all pet hair that it comes in contact with. This way your carpet, and other surfaces get to stay pet hair free and are a lot cleaner as well.

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What You Should Look For in an Anti-Chew Dog Beds

If you are looking for anti-chew dog bed for your lovable dog, then there are countless options that you can find in the market. These dog beds have been around for some time, and there are some great options that you can invest in.

The key is that you need to buy the right one as there will be many durable beds for dogs available in the market. If you are looking for an anti-chew bed, then obviously, there are a few things that you need to consider before you go ahead and finally buy the right bed for your dog.

Below, we are discussing some of the things that you should look for in an anti-chew bed. This is to make things easier for the buyer, as there can easily be confusion.

Anti-Chew Material

These beds are covered in anti-chew material that prevent the dogs from chewing into the bed in no time. Make sure that the bed that you are buying is covered in this material, because otherwise, you are just buying a standard bed that is being sold at a higher price as an anti-chew bed. This is a common practice in the market, so it is best if you keep it in mind.

Good Warranty

Another thing that is necessary to look for in an anti-chew bed, or any dog bed for that matters is the warranty these beds come from. Keep in mind that I am talking about manufactured backed warranty, and not just a standard warranty that is being provided to you by the shop selling the beds, as this is something that is very common whenever you are in the market looking to buy something.

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Do Dogs Really Need Coats?

When you’re out walking your dog, you’ll happen across many different kinds of dog owners doing the same thing. Since it’s healthy for dogs to interact with one another as this helps their socialising process, dog owners often stop for some chit chat while their dogs greet each other. There’s a lot you can learn from them but at the same time, there’s a lot that you’ll wonder if a dog owner should even be doing. If you’ve seen a pooch or two wearing clothes, you might have questions that you’re too afraid to ask – which is what we’re here to answer.

So, do dogs really need coats and boots? While some dog owners but clothes for their dogs simply because they just look adorable, other dog owners will swear that their pooch needs their coat in the winter for extra protection. Is there any truth to this? Well, the honest answer is that in most cases dogs don’t really need these things since they are animals who have fur and can adapt. However, in certain cases where it’s way too cold and you have a dog with a short coat of their own, an extra layer of clothing can help.

A rain coat can be helpful to most dogs however. Dry Ninja makes these really cute rain coats for dogs that offer protection and will keep your dog dry on a rainy day. If you’re concerned about your dog running into puddles and mud all the time, this coat might be one of your best purchases for your dog. Before you get one, you should consider your breed’s size and the temperature outside. You might even want to ask a vet if it’s a good idea to get one for your dog.

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