3 Unsung Horror Movies That Are Worth Watching

The golden era of the horror genre is long gone, no longer will you find something as exciting or heart pumping as A Nightmare on Elm’s Street or the Exorcist. Modern horror movies have been trying to either reinvent the wheel or appeal to the tastes of the general public, and this is exactly why you will hardly find any modern horror movie worthy of being tagged as a classic.

Fortunately, this does not mean that horror fans are left hanging, there are plenty of overlooked horror movies out there that go off the beaten path. We will be taking a look at some noteworthy cult films and indie productions that did not appeal to the mass public, but were definitely worth watching.

#1 The Last Man on Earth

Released in 1964, The Last Man on Earth was hailed as a “forgettable” movie, however many people simply failed to realize the genius behind it. It managed to create an atmosphere that actually made the audience experience the boredom, horror, and dread that the main character felt throughout the movie after discovering that every other human on the planet had become a vile monstrosity.

One could say that The Last Man on Earth’s take on “zombification” built the foundations for the modern portrayal of zombies in the horror genre.

#2 The Exorcist III

This movie was released in 1990 as a sequel to the original The Exorcist, it looks like a pretty boring movie that was centred on what happened to the priest after the first movie ended.

The movie takes a minor character from the first film and places them in the leading role, following his story as he goes about investigating a string of recent murderers that bear the marks of the Gemini Killer, a serial killer that died several years ago. The plot of this movie provides superb insight on the mythos of The Exorcist’s world, which makes it a superb flick to watch.

The overall quality of the movie was great as well, but it did not receive the recognition that it deserved.

#3 Ginger Snaps

The setting of this 2000 horror movie takes a very interesting approach to a rather common horror movie plot. Ginger Snaps explores the changes that a woman goes through during puberty while also being a bloody werewolf movie.

The story revolves around two sisters, one of them manages to get bitten by a werewolf when she gets her first period and the scent of blood attracts a werewolf towards her. After being bitten, she and her sister get to explore how her body and mind begin to change as she transforms.

The movie’s unique take on werewolves makes it an oddly sensitive horror movie, one that offers a balance of horror elements and other things that make it worth watching.

These are only a handful of horror movies that are worth watching, the horror genre has loads to offer that is hiding beneath the surface. You just need to get off the beaten path and start searching.

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How Big is Red Dead Redemption 2’s Map?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out and it is glorious, offering players a massive world that is begging to be explored. Whether you do it on horseback or on foot is up to you, but we wold recommend that you stick to your horse more often because the game features a gargantuan map. According to TwinInfinite, travelling from one end of the map to the other on horseback takes a full 16 minutes in real time, 16 minutes of sprinting on horseback.

There are only a few other games out there that boast such vast world spaces, including Assassin’s Creed Origins and the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Nowadays we easily have the hardware needed to bring such vast world spaces to life, however, only a handful of games actually have worlds this big. This is because making a huge map is easy, but filling it with meaningful content that adds to the immersion and intractability of the map is a lot harder. Take Fallout 4 as an example, the game featured a big map to explore, but there wasn’t enough content to explore and as a result the game felt empty and boring at times.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s world is brimming with interactive content, content that makes the world feel alive and dynamic, drawing players into all kinds of situations and experiences that makes every exploring session unique and fun. It is interesting to note that Red Dead Redemption 2 has the same map size as GTA V, divided into 5 different regions that feature different aspects of Red Dead’s alternative recreation of US’s southern regions in the 1800s.

However, Red Dead Redemption 2 feels a whole lot bigger because you do not have any speeding cars to zip around the map, and also because it has so much to offer, countless systems, events, and experiences that hold onto the player and make it very challenging to set down the controller.

The game has been released on the PS4 and Xbox One, currently there is no news on whether there will be a PC release or not, which is disappointing since the PS4 and Xbox One have a hard time rendering the incredibly detailed and lively world that Rockstar Games has created for us. Even the PS4 Pro has had trouble running the game, but the Xbox One X has produced more stable frame rates and an overall smoother experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is easily one of the most expected releases of this year, and the game is already receiving a slew of praise from gamers and critics. What makes the game so great is the fact that it just feels satisfying. Whether you are about to get killed, are carrying out a stealthy heist, or you are simply roaming around and exploring the game’s vast wilderness, Red Dead Redemption 2 leaves you with a wholesome feeling that makes you want to come back for more every time.

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6 Great Music Tracks to Calm Your Nerves

Ever since weed has started becoming a legal drug, the demand for lo-fi hip hop has gone up. The slow and relaxing beats of this genre have become synonymous with getting high on pot, but you don’t necessarily have to be a pothead to enjoy this kind of music. The calming beats of this music can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to add a touch of relaxation to their surrounding environment.

Lo-fi hip hop was first introduced to the world in the 1960s and it has managed to stick around ever since. Over the decades, lo-fi music has gone through various changes that helped in further shaping this genre’s identity. Its popularity and relaxing allure has encouraged many “bedroom musicians” to rise and produce music that is not only chill, but also has a touch of uniqueness to it.

Let’s take a look at some awesome lo-fi tracks that you can find on the internet.

#1 Spiritual State By Nujabes

A great track to play while you are on the move, the DJ who wrote this song is often hailed as the godfather of lo-fi hip hop. The simplicity of this track’s beats is what makes it so mesmerizingly good.

#2 Shiki No Uta

Lo-fi hip hop is quite popular in Japan, you will find that this country has made several notable contributions to the genre. Shiki No Uta was basically produced for use in the popular anime series called Samurai Champloo, but its combination of trumpets and elements from the lo-fi genre make this track really soothing.

#3 ChilledCow’s YouTube Streams

YouTube’s live streaming feature was introduced in quite recently in 2017, and it gave ChilledCow a great opportunity to shine. ChilledCow basically live streams lo-fi mixes 24/7, and this channel’s videos were getting the most views when live stream was still a new thing. You can check out the channel even right now and indulge yourself in some fresh and soothing lo-fi beats.

#4 Yeah Right By Joji

The mastermind behind the Filthy Frank Show on YouTube, Joji (George Miller) had always been interested in music. He eventually ended his YouTube career as Filthy Frank and has started focusing on his music career ever since. His work is pretty amazing and really worth checking out if you are into surreal and calming music.

#5 Color Garden By Lungfulls

Some of the best pieces of music in the lo-fi genre are produced by small time musicians, many of which you won’t even know until someone recommends their work to you. Lungfulls is one such producer, their bass heavy and melodious instrumental tracks are hypnotically good.

#6 Hud Dreams By Knxwledge

If you are more into music that is different and weird (in a good way) then Knxwledge is worth checking out. This musician is known for his love for experimenting with all kinds of genres and incorporating them into his works.

Lo-fi hip hop gets the brain churning, helps you calm your nerves, and is perhaps one of the best genres to explore if you are in search for mental peace.

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