Dealing With Rib Pains in Pregnancy

Undergoing pregnancy is one of the defining experiences of any woman’s life. Yes, no matter what kind of a life you live, being pregnant is a unique function of your body which can be exciting to fulfil but also a bit frustrating. Pregnancy isn’t easy, but it is worth it. During pregnancy, your appetite will be super weird, your hormones will be all over the place and since your body will undergo a few changes to accommodate the new life growing inside of you, there might be some discomfort as well. You’ll have to adjust to it.

Rib pains are one of the more common pains you’ll feel during pregnancy. If this is your first time getting pregnant then it’s easy to panic because of rib pains. Hopefully, after you’re done reading what we’ve got for you on this page, you’ll understand why rib pains occur and might be able to cope with them better once you know that everything is proceeding normally. If the pains get too much, you don’t have to worry, there’s actually quite a few things you can do to control them; we’ve found helpful advice here.

One of the biggest changes your body will undergo during pregnancy is the fact that your uterus will be growing. This is visibly evident since your belly will expand. By your third trimester, your belly will have expanded quite a bit and this can apply pressure to your ribs area. While it’s exciting to feel your baby kicking in your womb, it’s also what causes rib pains in many of the cases. Other than this, the rib pains might even be your own fault, if you aren’t sleeping in the correct posture – you’ll have to be careful about these things while your body has a baby growing in it.