Do Dogs Really Need Coats?

When you’re out walking your dog, you’ll happen across many different kinds of dog owners doing the same thing. Since it’s healthy for dogs to interact with one another as this helps their socialising process, dog owners often stop for some chit chat while their dogs greet each other. There’s a lot you can learn from them but at the same time, there’s a lot that you’ll wonder if a dog owner should even be doing. If you’ve seen a pooch or two wearing clothes, you might have questions that you’re too afraid to ask – which is what we’re here to answer.

So, do dogs really need coats and boots? While some dog owners but clothes for their dogs simply because they just look adorable, other dog owners will swear that their pooch needs their coat in the winter for extra protection. Is there any truth to this? Well, the honest answer is that in most cases dogs don’t really need these things since they are animals who have fur and can adapt. However, in certain cases where it’s way too cold and you have a dog with a short coat of their own, an extra layer of clothing can help.

A rain coat can be helpful to most dogs however. Dry Ninja makes these really cute rain coats for dogs that offer protection and will keep your dog dry on a rainy day. If you’re concerned about your dog running into puddles and mud all the time, this coat might be one of your best purchases for your dog. Before you get one, you should consider your breed’s size and the temperature outside. You might even want to ask a vet if it’s a good idea to get one for your dog.